Monday, December 24, 2007

Bike for Sale

One, slightly used, well loved Trek XO 1 is for sale. MY Trek XO 1. Know anyone looking for a cross bike, cheap?

Here are the details:
- 2006 Trek XO1 frame, 58cm
- Winwood carbon fork
- Thomson post (Ooooooo...)
- Shimano 105 10 speed shifters (Ahhhhh...)
- Bontrager Race Lite Aero w. Michelin Mud, Ultegra cassette
- Bontrager Race front, Open Pro/Ultegra rear, Ultegra cassette

There's some other stuff too. Like I said, looking to move it quick, easy and cheap.

Staying occupado

It's been nearly 4 weeks since Sterling. It's been nearly 4 weeks since I stopped riding and started kicking back with some good Belgian beer. Here is the extent of my physical activity of the past weeks, with descriptions:
- Finger power cleans (Opening beer with bottle opener)
- Thumb press (Opening beer that has a cork)
- Typing
- Thinking about biking
- Getting coffee

I've also picked up XC skiing. I couldn't take the easier route and try classical skiing...noooo. Instead, I opted to learn how to skate ski. And you know what? It's HARD. H-A-R-D. There's no faking on skate skis. If you don't know what you're doing, you don't go anywhere but face down in the snow.

And it hurts. Not the "good hurt" with glowing legs. This is a full body kind of hurt. Legs, abs, arms, fingers. Nothing is spared, and I love it.

Monday, December 10, 2007

And the award for coolest series of cycling photos by an amateur photographer goes to...

Tonight I was cruising through my iPhoto library and came across this great series of photos.

During the 2007 season, the BRC Wells Ave series was lucky enough to have some great photographers show up. Fellow BRCer Ted Richards sent out a bunch of photos from the BRC Championship that his wife had taken. Among them was this uber cool photo series shot during the finale of the B-race. If I were to guess, all 6 were probably taken within a 10 or 15 second span.

Crappy commentary added by yours truly.

I think I can, I think I can.
My spidey (sp?) sense is tingling.

Crap! Where did they come from?
Stay on target...
Almost home...
Woohoo! Made it.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Adios cross season. Hola Belgian ale.

Well, I was registered to race down in RI the past weekend. Guess what? I didn't. After racing at Sterling, the season had lost its fun and my motivation had disappeared. After the race two weeks ago, I hung my muddied bike on the work stand and shut the light off. Yesterday was the first time I had stolen a glimpse of it in two weeks. It was a great season though. Met some really cool people and had a blast on and off the bike while at the races.

A quick summary of the cross season:
It started slow. Amesbury was an eye opener for me, after making the leap to the 3s. Getting lapped by Jeremy Powers in the P/1/2/3 was pretty awesome too. Really. The Maine weekend was brutal due to the heat and some back issues I had. Gloucester was fun, except for starting so far back. Returning to Canton, where it all began for me, was a sweet experience. At that point my season started to improve through New Jersey. Plymouth showed me where I stood among my fellow 3s. Sterling was a great race for me, despite my not having any fun.

Now it's time to kick back, drink some Duvel and Chemay, watch cyclocross races on a 1-year tape delay, and reflect on my entire 2007 campaign. I'm sure that will be the subject of some sappy post in the near future.

Until then...Cheers!