Monday, April 21, 2008

Mountain Goats and Saddle Sores

Two days after getting hit with a 24 hour bug, what should one do to recover?
a) Rest and drink plenty of fluids
b) Go out drinking
c) Ride 130 miles with some fast dudes

Rest isn't all that much fun. Drinking is fun, but expensive. Where does that leave me? Well, I chose the last option and embarked upon an epic ride on a beautiful Sunday with three FAST team mates. It wasn't Bailey's Rhode Island Ride of Thunder and Friendship. No, it was much more epic.

I could go into the details of our route and bore you with that minutiae. It suffices to say that we rode from Belmont to the white slopes of Wa-wa-chusetts and back. Along the way, our two mountain goats found just about every incline that existed. I'm not sure we ever descended.
More importantly, here's what I learned after 130 miles in the saddle:
- Lips can (and will) get sunburned
- The pain of burnt lips is surpassed by sore ass at mile 90
- Not even the dirtiest, funniest joke can solicit a chuckle after mile 100
- Donuts = fuel for the body and soul
- Mountain goats can get up hills fast
- Know how to get home in case you lose your teammates

Next question: How does one recover from said epic ride?
a) Rest and drink plenty of fluids
b) Go out drinking
c) Participate in an utterly awesome BRC slugfest at Wells Ave

Again, I chose C. Why not? All the really fast guys were out racing elsewhere, so Wells a combined A/B field comprise of BRC, a fast NEBC womens squad, and a few other folks. The race was hot from the start; people flying off the front, primes, crashes, and more. Attacks were fast and furious, the breaks were strong. I even threw my hat in to go for the big W. Alas, we were caught as we hit the finishing straight.


Monday, March 10, 2008

T-Minus 6 days...

Time to go fast again. Well, try to go fast. Try really hard to go fast and not get dropped. 

Wells Ave starts Sunday March 16th. Be there.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Nothing going on

When I started this thing, it was my intention to post regularly. Well, there just hasn't been the much to right about, but I think I have achieved a critical mass of thoughts to actually post something.

Early season training has been held up a bit. First with a cold, then with an achilles injury. It's been tough coping with the achilles, but I think I have it under control. I've been able to manage 3+ hour rides on Sat and Sun, followed by 2 hour sessions during the week without much pain.

Race Calendar
You know, I really liked the Blue Hills Classic last year. Now that I'm a 3, I can't do it. Why? No race for Cat 3s! Otherwise, it looks like the standards will return and I will be at most of them. I've been thinking about hitting some races in the mid-Atlantic too. Anyone interested??

Cross Worlds
I love that photo of Niels Albert crossing the finish line with his bike over his head and that Lars Boom, who is my age, is the World Champion. Too bad we couldn't get some better results from the American squad in the elite field, but way to go Keough and Mannion. They'll be rocking the Euro cross scene soon enough.

And be sure to check out Zank's observations from Worlds. Too cool.

If you haven't seen SuperBad, see it. Now.

And a shameless plug...
Weather permitting, Wells Ave starts March 16th. Be there.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


2007 a good year by all measures. My results were strong for a new Cat 4. Heck, I opened the season with a win at Wells Ave in March, followed by a strong 4th up in Marblehead. Starts don't get much better than that. I met some uber cool people on the cross circuit while becoming a better cross racer.

My season did come apart for a few weeks though. Why? I caught a nasty case of rockstaritis.

Rockstaritis is a killer bug to catch. What are the symptoms you ask? Well, if you get a gap on the first climb of a race, less than 1 mile into a 50+ miler, and think "I can hold this to the line," you've got rockstaritis. Sometimes you can make it to the line, but you probably won't. The best result you can hope for is dragging your sorry ass to the line after the peloton catches you. More commonly, guys explode leaving guts all over the road.

Curing rockstaritis starts with acknowledging you have it. If acknowledgement fails, teammates may beat you senseless and force you to acknowledge. Once this is done, simply realize that the race can't be won in the first mile, but it can be lost.

Friday, January 4, 2008


I take all this time to rest and recover before starting my base miles. You know what happens next?

That's right, I get sick. A big, mean, nasty cold. Oh well...a few more days of pizza and my new favorite beer, Ommegang.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Bike for Sale

One, slightly used, well loved Trek XO 1 is for sale. MY Trek XO 1. Know anyone looking for a cross bike, cheap?

Here are the details:
- 2006 Trek XO1 frame, 58cm
- Winwood carbon fork
- Thomson post (Ooooooo...)
- Shimano 105 10 speed shifters (Ahhhhh...)
- Bontrager Race Lite Aero w. Michelin Mud, Ultegra cassette
- Bontrager Race front, Open Pro/Ultegra rear, Ultegra cassette

There's some other stuff too. Like I said, looking to move it quick, easy and cheap.

Staying occupado

It's been nearly 4 weeks since Sterling. It's been nearly 4 weeks since I stopped riding and started kicking back with some good Belgian beer. Here is the extent of my physical activity of the past weeks, with descriptions:
- Finger power cleans (Opening beer with bottle opener)
- Thumb press (Opening beer that has a cork)
- Typing
- Thinking about biking
- Getting coffee

I've also picked up XC skiing. I couldn't take the easier route and try classical skiing...noooo. Instead, I opted to learn how to skate ski. And you know what? It's HARD. H-A-R-D. There's no faking on skate skis. If you don't know what you're doing, you don't go anywhere but face down in the snow.

And it hurts. Not the "good hurt" with glowing legs. This is a full body kind of hurt. Legs, abs, arms, fingers. Nothing is spared, and I love it.