Monday, February 18, 2008

Nothing going on

When I started this thing, it was my intention to post regularly. Well, there just hasn't been the much to right about, but I think I have achieved a critical mass of thoughts to actually post something.

Early season training has been held up a bit. First with a cold, then with an achilles injury. It's been tough coping with the achilles, but I think I have it under control. I've been able to manage 3+ hour rides on Sat and Sun, followed by 2 hour sessions during the week without much pain.

Race Calendar
You know, I really liked the Blue Hills Classic last year. Now that I'm a 3, I can't do it. Why? No race for Cat 3s! Otherwise, it looks like the standards will return and I will be at most of them. I've been thinking about hitting some races in the mid-Atlantic too. Anyone interested??

Cross Worlds
I love that photo of Niels Albert crossing the finish line with his bike over his head and that Lars Boom, who is my age, is the World Champion. Too bad we couldn't get some better results from the American squad in the elite field, but way to go Keough and Mannion. They'll be rocking the Euro cross scene soon enough.

And be sure to check out Zank's observations from Worlds. Too cool.

If you haven't seen SuperBad, see it. Now.

And a shameless plug...
Weather permitting, Wells Ave starts March 16th. Be there.